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The 3 rd International Workshop on Organisational Semiotics

4 July 2000, Stafford, UK

Attached to the Second International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS2000) 5 - 7 July 2000 ( http://www.soc.staffs.ac.uk/iceis/ )

Workshop Background

The first workshop was held in Twente in 1995 and the second one took place in Almelo in September 1999. These workshops were driven by an increasing need felt by colleagues for a better understanding of information and its functions in the society and organisations. This has resulted in a collective effort towards establishing the theory of organisational semiotics for studying organisations, human communication and information systems. The community, formed and strengthened by these events, consists of educators, researchers and consultants in the fields of information theory, organisation studies, information systems, computation, language and communication..

In the last two workshops, participants not only had opportunities to present their work, but also enjoyed lively and constructive discussions, which proved to be beneficial to many research groups. A book containing selected papers from this workshop will be published in May 2000 by Kluwer Academic Publishers. It is hoped the publication of this book and a number of more resulting from the following workshops will meet the demand for research and teaching materials in the fields of organisational semiotics and its applications such as business process modelling, knowledge engineering, organisational studies, information management and systems development.

The IFIP Working Group 8.1 has expressed its interest in endorsing this workshop. The WG8.1 has already planned to run its working conference entitled "Organisational Semiotics" in Montreal in 2001, which will be contributed by most of the workshop participants (with Ronald Stamper as the conference chair and Kecheng Liu as the PC chair).


The workshop first of all will provide a continuing opportunity for the colleagues who have been involved in the community in the past years, and will be also open to any one interested in the subject area. This will enable us to exchange new ideas, and inform the development of their work. This is part of the effort from this research community in establishing a discipline of study of information and communication in the context of organisations, with or without the use of information technology. The workshop will also serve as an important platform for any one - educators, researchers, practitioners and students - who is interested in or has worked in semiotics and semiotic approaches to information and its use in organisational contexts.

Workshop Format

The workshop will last one day (in contrast with the format of multiple days as run in the first two workshops). This is constrained by the format set by the ICEIS2000 committee, as this workshop is organised as part of that conference. It is intended that all papers will be sent to workshop participants for them to study before they come to the workshop; therefore the discussion after each presentation can be in more depth. Each accepted paper will be assigned to a discussant, who will lead the discussion after the paper presentation at the workshop, as well as critique the paper for further improvement for possible inclusion into a book for publication.

Paper submissions

Prospective authors are invited to submit their extended abstracts (ca.2000 words) in the first place. Preliminary acceptance with comments will be given to the abstract authors to facilitate the production of the full papers. Papers presented at the workshop will be further selected for publication in the second book in the series of Organisational Semiotics.

Important dates:

Extended abstract submission - extended to 1 May 2000 (originally 10 April)
Author notification - extended to 10 May 2000 (originally 1 May)
Final (full paper) submission - 10 June 2000.
All submissions are in email to the Workshop Secretary, Samuel Chong. at < y.c.chong@staffs.ac.uk >.

Workshop Programme Committee

Kecheng Liu (chair) - Staffordshire University, United Kingdom
Albert Alderson - Staffordshire University, United Kingdom
Peter Andersen - University of Aarhus, Denmark
Rodney Clarke - University of Wollongong, Australia
Jan Dietz - University of Delft, The Netherlands
Owen Eriksson - Dalarna University, Sweden
Joaquim Filipe - Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Setubal, Portugal
Anthony Finkelstein - University College London, United Kingdom
Henk Gazendam - Groningen University and Twente University, The Netherlands
Joseph Goguen, University of California at San Diego, USA
Göran Goldkuhl, Linköping University, Sweden
Marc Hafkamp - University of Twente, The Netherlands
Michael Heng - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mikael Lind - University of Borås, Sweden
Kalle Lyytinen - University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Mareike Schoop - Aachen University of Technology, Germany
Ronald Stamper - University of Twente, The Netherlands
Claude Vogel - Semio Corporation, USA
Workshop Secretary: Samuel Chong < y.c.chong@staffs.ac.uk >
If you have any queries, please contact the Workshop PC Chair: Professor Kecheng Liu at k.liu@staffs.ac.uk ( www.soc.staffs.ac.uk/~cmtkl ).