About the Lab
AIS Leaflet

The Applied Informatics with Semiotics (AIS) Laboratory within the Informatics Research Centre (IRC) in The University of Reading is built on research strengths in the areas of computing, information systems, IT for strategic purposes. We view a human organisation as an information system in which information is created, processed and used to achieve the organisation's objectives. The sign (where a natural phenomenon or an artefact), which serves as a vehicle for information, is the primitive notion of our study in understanding information and in the development and deployment of information systems.

The AIS Laboratory is active in both Research and Innovation: 

  • Research in computing and information systems in our research areas
  • Disseminate research outcomes and apply them to industry with our expertise

Research areas and expertise include requirements engineering for information systems, business process modelling and simulation, human computer interaction, e-commerce and e-business, legacy systems re-engineering, information systems integration.