About the Lab
AIS Leaflet

Innovation - Bring benefit of our research to industry

We are serious in bringing our work to industry and commerce for deployment of our research results as well as for feedback from those applications. 

The network welcomes all initiatives and suggestions from industry and commerce. We have been successful in various forms of collaboration and will continue so in the future, these forms include:

  • Collaborative research projects - with objectives identified by the company provided, which fit with our research focus areas
  • Research council funded projects - emphasised more on research, with companies acting as industrial collaborators
  • Commercial and consultancy projects - offering services to companies, developing an IT and business solution, providing independent quality assurance to a third-party conducted project
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership schemes - a government sponsored initiative that enable companies, KTP associates and acedemics act as partners and benefits from a specific project via a KTP programme. The KTP Centre at Reading provides excellent service in setting up such a programme.